Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12/21/10 Flyers skills competition

First no Richards due to a maintenance day and no Boucher due to having his wisdom teeth out.

The crowd for this event filled most of the lower bowl and the first two rows of the top.

True to their word the Flyers really did start the event at 5 with a team practice for an hour.

6:30 the players came out. Most were wearing baseball hats vs their helmets. Hartnell decided to get the crowd into it going from side to side doing the Hulk Hogan I can't hear you bit. There were alot of kids in the crows who responded to his actions.

Many of the players kids came out to watch from the Flyers bench.

The players did seem to enjoy this competition. They didn't seem to take it seriously but used it for some great fun.

James Van Reimsdyk was the star of the night participating in every event and winning most of them.

Here are the pictures

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