Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12/21/10 Flyers skills competition

First no Richards due to a maintenance day and no Boucher due to having his wisdom teeth out.

The crowd for this event filled most of the lower bowl and the first two rows of the top.

True to their word the Flyers really did start the event at 5 with a team practice for an hour.

6:30 the players came out. Most were wearing baseball hats vs their helmets. Hartnell decided to get the crowd into it going from side to side doing the Hulk Hogan I can't hear you bit. There were alot of kids in the crows who responded to his actions.

Many of the players kids came out to watch from the Flyers bench.

The players did seem to enjoy this competition. They didn't seem to take it seriously but used it for some great fun.

James Van Reimsdyk was the star of the night participating in every event and winning most of them.

Here are the pictures

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12/20/10 Panthers at Flyers

I don't feel the need to update Twitter points since the update was just yesterday.

Pictures from last night's game

The Flyers game was a complete stinker. I know that the Flyers get that once in a while, but 5-0 shut out to the Panthers. Really?

I feel like the Flyers tend to lose before fan things like the Carnival. I don't have every date of previous fan things to compare that but I know that in recent memory they home game before the carnival has not been a winning statistic . Tonight we have the Flyers doing a free skills competition for the fans.

I decided to take a statistical look at the Flyers record on the last home game before Christmas. In Some cases the Flyers played on Christmas I used those records. The Flyers are 24-12-5 the home game before Christmas, making last night a fluky thing.

Tonight's skills competition should be interesting. The tickets were free to the fans. Hopefully the Flyers will be up for the challenge tonight and put on a good show for the fans.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

12/18/10 Heat @ Phantoms and Twitter points update

I was asked to explain twitter points.  3 points are given for an @ reply, 5 points for making me laugh and 20 points for playing in a game I bought tix to see them in. 

Danny Syvret (@dannysyvret) 68
Andrew Rowe (@RoweAndrew) 60
Mike Testwuide (@MikeTestwuide) 40
Matt Moulson (@mmoulson) 20
Mike Cammalleri (@mcammalleri13) 20
Rob Schremp (@Robschremp) 4
Stefan Legein (@Stefanlegein) 3

Stefan lost points for still being out when I went to last nights game but he has made me laugh quite a bit lately. 

Future possible points Danny Syvret 40, Stefan Legein 40, Mike Testwuide 40, Andrew Rowe 40, & Mike Cammalleri 20

It was really sad last night to see how empty a building that the Phantoms are playing in for a home crowd.
I will say what fans were there are very loyal.  The one guy by us was telling his friends that he attended the win on Friday and was wearing all the same clothing except for socks as the previous night because he did not want to jinx them winning. 

I was truly happy getting to see the Heat live.  Phantoms vs Heat sounded great to me.  My loyalty was for the Phantoms who I wanted to see so badly succeed.

 It was a good game.  I did not see the Phantoms get that deflated look after the Heat scored.  That to be was the most positive of signs.  This could be a corner turner for them. 

 Things I do have to question are the over use of some players.  The players that I felt were being over used look very tired and worn down to me.  I know this is the grind part of the season and I am hoping that the break on a positive note helps that worn down look I saw happening. 

 Ben Holmstrom was absolutely on fire on the faceoff dot last night.  I didn't keep track of his wins but I felt like it was a nice high percentage.  Kevin Marshall looked better then he has in previous outings, not as much out of position as I had previously seen. 
Phantoms lack in the defensive defenseman category offensive defenseman are a good thing but not when their defense is shaky.  I love seeing Logan Stephenson out there. 

At any rate 2 wins in a row for the Phantoms is a great thing.

Pix are here

I am at the Flyers game tomorrow and the Flyers skills competition on Tuesday.  Look for reports later this week and of course pictures.

Friday, December 10, 2010

12/8/10 Sharks at Flyers and Twitter points update

First I want to say that if you are not following Phantoms players Danny Syvret and Stefan Legein you truly are missing out on some really funny things.  Please follow these guys. 

 It was pointed out that I need to add Mike Testwuide & Andrew Rowe to my points list as I have seen them play and they are on twitter. 

Danny Syvret (@dannysyvret) 48

Andrew Rowe (@RoweAndrew) 40
Mike Testwuide (@MikeTestwuide) 20
Matt Moulson (@mmoulson) 20
Mike Cammalleri (@mcammalleri13) 20
Stefan Legein (@Stefanlegein) 10
Rob Schremp (@Robschremp) 4

Future possible points Danny Syvret 40, Stefan Legein 40, Mike Testwuide 40, Andrew Rowe 40, & Mike Cammalleri 20

Ok well by now you have read all the analysis on the Sharks game so I am not even going to try to say anything further especially since the Flyers have already played again vs Toronto and won.  Who cares about the loss 2 days ago. 

Just look at the pictures then....

My next hockey adventure is a Phantoms game.  Hopefully weather permitting I will attend.  Right now the weather looks promising.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

12/4/10 Devils at Flyers & twitter points

I decided that I was so entertained by Stefan Legein this week that I am giving him 5 more points for his effort. 

 Danny Syvret (@dannysyvret) 48
Matt Moulson (@mmoulson) 20
Mike Cammalleri (@mcammalleri13) 20
Stefan Legein (@Stefanlegein) 10
Rob Schremp (@Robschremp) 4

 Future possible points Danny Syvret 40, Stefan Legein 40, Mike Cammalleri 20.

Devils at Flyers I felt that this game was one of those that the Devils like to lull you to sleep.  Maybe it is just because it was my first day game of the season.  I was glad the Flyers pulled it out in the end but I will say I was not sure about a good portion of the game as to how it may end. 

The new camera worked well... I took a different spot for warmups that I could try some close up shots

Mike Richards

Brian Boucher

Ville Leino

I was in different seats for this game so I did not take game action for the entire game.
Full set is here