Monday, September 20, 2010

Flyers Camp opening weekend

Its hard to have shenanigans when there is such a crowd welcoming back the Flyers by attending camp. 

I looked on the ice for these.  I found a couple of things

One was Ville Leino putting on a show with a puck.  I did not grab the full show but I can tell you this guy was working this puck like the best hacky sacker I know.

My second video was the last leg of skating drills.  Yes by this time you are tired and have more then had enough of these sprints.  Carter & Richards kept pace with one another

Other fabulous things I saw Players do include high fiving the fans on the way in & out of the "Meet the Flyers" taping

Not too bad for an opening weekend.

I did find it interesting that for the Meet the Flyers taping that Guerin was included but Hartnell was not.  

I definitely was impressed with Zherdev, Bobdrovsky, Carter, Leino, Homstrom, and a few others.  I think only time will tell what will happen. 

Preseason games start tomorrow I think this will be the first real test of what we should expect to see from the young and up coming players. 

Here are the links to this weekend's picture sets

Keep an eye out for more Shenanigans