Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why isn't it hockey season yet?


First a twitter points update:

@commie22 10 points for the Commodore 64 decision
@biznasty2point0 5 points for tweeting for Giroux
@tomsesito23 20 points for Getting harry on Twitter & banter with Jen F from Fox
@dannysyvret 5 points for letting us know he is alive and winning at poker

Brings totals too

@commie22 70 points
@tomsesito23 30 points
@martybiron43 20 points
@nedluka 20 points
@mcammalleri13 20 points
@b_ryan9 5 points
@ryanwhitney6 5 points
@miketestwuide 5 points
@biznasty2point0 5 points
@dannysyvret 5 points

Please share with me anything hockey players say on twitter that is interesting.

I know in about a month or so rookie camp will start.  I don't have that much longer to wait but its very hard right now with out hockey.  Hockey is a big portion of my time 9 months of the year.  Most of my friends I see at game or go on roadtrips with to see games.  My TV habits are about watching hockey or hockey related programing.  Right now there is just nothing going on.  What is going on is like oh that happened.  It keeps your attention for maybe an hour.   I am a restless soul in need of a hockey fix.  I just have to wait it out at this point.  It is hard epecially with the very hot weather.   Ok take care everyone!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dog days of hockey off season & twitter points

Twitter points awarded

@commie22 20 points for fan interaction.
@ryanwhitney6 5 points for making me laugh
@miketestwuide 5 points for fishing Pix
@tomsesito23 10 points for politics

Brings totals to

@commie22 60 points
@martybiron43 20 points
@nedluka 20 points
@mcammalleri13 20 points
@tomsesito23 10 points
@b_ryan9 5 points
@ryanwhitney6 5 points
@miketestwuide 5 points

Please share with me anything hockey players say on twitter that is interesting.

This is the point in the off season that I have the hardest time with the waiting. I am waiting to know where Danny Syvret will end up. I am waiting for the AHL schedule. I am waiting for training camp information.

Since there is not much I can do about any of the things I am waiting for I thought I would come up with a write up on why a team should sign Danny Syvret.


Does your team need a reliable, puck moving, 6th or 7th defenseman?
I have got your guy right here. Danny Syvret has just under 60 regular season NHL games and 10 NHL playoff games. He has averaged .73 points a game in the AHL over the last three seasons and 7 points in his limited NHL career.
Danny knows how to control the pace of a game and makes a great quarterback for a 2nd or 3rd power play unit. His point shot gets to the net through the traffic. Danny keeps it simple and makes that great first pass out.
Aside from his on ice offense Danny is an off ice leader. Great with fans, well spoken with the media and all around team player.
Danny was apart of the OHL London Knights memorial cup team in 2005 as well as the World Junior championship team.
Danny would come at a very cap friendly price as well.
What are you waiting for GM's sign him now!

Thanks as always for reading!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Flyers Prospect Camp and Twitter points

First the Twitter points.

As previously noted we have

@nedluka 20 points (Psycho Airport wife was very entertaining yesterday)
@martybiron43 10 points for his reaction to the Flyers trades
@mattcarle25 5 points for chirping about the Pens draft choice

The new standings are

@commie22 40 points for fan interaction and Commodore 64
@mcammalleri13 20 points for fan interaction
@martybiron43 10 points for fan interaction
@b_ryan9 5 points for various player interaction
@jvreemer21 5 points for chirping

Bringing totals too

@commie22 40 points
@martybiron43 20 points
@nedluka 20 points
@mcammalleri13 20 points
@b_ryan9 5 points
@jvreemer21 5 points

Ok on to the real post:

7/10/11 Flyers Prospect camp
I have gone to a few of these now and never have I seen so many basic drills.  I get the feeling that is very much the message being sent here.  That when it comes to these drills no one really stands out and everyone could use work on the basics.  I think that it is a great foundation for these players to make sure that their basics are in line.
For many of the players attending this years camp it is their 2nd or 3rd round of this preparation.  I do not know what it is like inside their meetings but to me the message of back to basics shines through in the on ice part.

I did not feel any one player stood out above another.

Here are pictures and videos.


Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4