Sunday, September 28, 2014

Are you ready for some hockey?

I will admit I don't have the same copious amounts of time that I used to for devoting to my love of hockey.  When I can I do and that is just how it is right now.
The draft was a cool experience.  It was great to see fans from all around the league and it was ok to wear other jerseys.  There was not much to photograph in a way so I left it to be as is an event sans photos.  Plus that is one more thing in my list of events down.
I am ready for hockey to start and to watch it everyday if I want to watch.

Also I am making a plea for someone to please sign Danny Syvret.  AHL camps open this week.  I hope some team somewhere gives him a chance.  My roadtrip planning depends on him being signed somewhere driveable please.

Ok talk to you all soon and hopefully more regularly.