Saturday, January 26, 2013

NHL Hockey is back

Welcome back hockey fans!

I am glad the lockout is over for the NHL.  The one thing that I have found to be disingenuous lately is the use of the #hockeyisback.  I think you the readers know that this space is not just dedicated to my two NHL teams but their AHL affiliates, the local ECHL teams, and pretty much anything hockey related.  The lockout gave us more coverage of those lower tiered leagues as well of the European leagues where so many NHL players fled to play while the lockout was happening.  This was so nice to not have to scour the internet for some of this information.  It was a luxury.  Yet saying #Hockeyisback to me would apply all hockey seasons regardless of league.  Only the NHL had the late start everyone else went on as expected.  Let's use #NHLhockeyisback instead ok. 

The other part of the lockout the fans were disrespected in all of this that it was expected hockey fans would come back more than ever and spend more money than ever.  It seems the NHL had that right.  I would say that I am greatly disappointed in the number of people that have gone and done that. Especially after so many were so angry about the lockout and the lack of negotiations and other posturing.  I am as happy as anyone to have top level hockey back on a daily basis.  I am not purchasing any NHL gear this season and most likely next season.  I boycotted the home opener.  I don't even go to a game until February.  I will spend as little as possible when I go to games meaning concessions only if there is no other choice.  As long as fans continue to throw more and more money at the NHL the more things like this season's lockout will continue to occur.  I hope that people realize that we the fans to quote That Detroit Red Wings Executive  are "the cattle" just like the players are to them.  The fans even more so as people's jubilant response to hockey being back shows them they are able to do this whenever and make more money each time because of it. 

Ok a little hockey talk then.  Flyers are 1-3.  Yes a win helps to make things easier and the Flyers are a bit banged up already.  I would say if they continue loosing at such a pace to look for a coach change to occur.  The signs are all there in place with Terry Murray coaching the Phantoms.  Be prepared Flyers fans be prepared. 
Flames still have that 2nd period problem.  I guess it wasn't the coach then huh?  Hopefully now they have a few games played that will work itself out.  Glad to see Kipper in true January form over October form.
Knights, Phantoms, & Heat all just keep rolling.  Hopefully good things will happen for all of them. 

My first game this hockey season will be February 9th.  Check back afterwards for updates and pictures.