Sunday, October 31, 2010

10/30/10 Isles at Flyers & Introducing Twitter points

First I would like to introduce Twitter points for players.
Right now points are as follows
     Danny Syvret 23  (@dannysyvret)
     Matt Moulson 20  (@mmoulson)
     Rob Schremp 2  (@robschremp)
     Mike Cammalleri 0  (@mcammalleri13)
     Joffrey Lupul 0   (@Jlupul)

Points work like this 20 points for playing in a game I bought tickets to see you play in
1 point for each RT or response to a tweet.  Negative points for asking what game ( 
 I will keep track and update as the season goes on.  I will also add players I am sure. 

I have to say that I really was not that in the mood to attend this game last night.  The news of the club dismissing Pat Maroon and not providing much information as to why they would let go of the Phantoms leading scorer did not leave a good feeling. 

Leave it to the players on the ice to try and change my mood.  Definitely they were in it to wow me. 



Cross Checks

Big Saves
Flyers Dads

Makes it really hard to not get into the game with all that going on.

 Full set of pictures

Right now I have tickets for tomorrow nights game for Hurricanes at Flyers.  I have some things that may keep me from going.  Everyone please send good thoughts that I do not have to alter my plans.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

10/23/10 Phantoms at Bears

Phantoms lost this game 5-1.  The story that the scoreboard/sheet doesn't tell is that the Phantoms did not give up in this game.  The one goal came with 4 minutes left in the third.  Now less penalties and better team defense would have made this a much different score.  I did not go tonight but it was a 4-2 loss.  To me that means they learned a bit from the previous night.  The Phantoms are a really young team.  They will mature over the course of the season.

I wore my purple Danny Syvret Phantoms jersey to this game.  You will see a few phantoms jerseys in the crowd but the Purple it truly stands out.  I am not one to ever sit during intermission (and sometimes whole periods).  Walking around the concourse, while no one said anything to me, you could see the looks of disgust as they saw that I was a fan for the opposition.  

I got a few pictures in warmups before getting asked to move as the seat holders showed up to where I had camped out.  Plus I got some very good game pictures.  Hershey is a great arena.

My next game is Flyers on 10/30.

Friday, October 22, 2010

10/21/10 Ducks at Flyers

Alright the slacker I am did not do any video for this game.

I was really happy to see one of my favorite players in Danny Syvret.

I wore my Flyers Danny Syvret jersey for the game.  That will probably be the only time I wear a jersey to a Flyers game all year.  

Here is the full picture set from the game

I thought that the Flyers played pretty well last night.  I would say that it seems like they really need a garbage goal or two.  That would have made all the difference in the world.

Tomorrow is the first road trip of the season.  I and a friend are off to see the Phantoms play in Hershey.  Hershey is a great place to see a game if you have not gone before.  They have a really nice building and I do not feel that there is a bad seat in the house.  

Not a far road trip for the first one of the season but a trip all the same.  Until Sunday when I post again.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Flyers Home Opener 10/11/10

First I will apologize for not writing this post up sooner.  It was kinda a long week. 

Videos everyone wants the video
These were too long for Flickr so we are back to using youtube

 First Video

Second video

 Third Video

One of the best things that you will hear in these videos is the reactions of the fans around me.  At times it does make it hard to hear the content of the video but I think you will get a true feel of what it was like to be at the game watching these videos.

Oh yes there are pictures too

I did find it interesting that the Flyers took a nap for a portion of this game.  I had thought they were past that bad habit.  I guess not. 

 I am going tomorrow night to Flyers vs Pens.  I hope to do some different things then follow my updates on Twitter.