Sunday, October 14, 2012

How are you surviving without hockey?

The title of this blog is the question I am asked the most on a daily basis.  Those that know me well know I eat, breathe, sleep, dream and anything else you can think of about hockey. 
My answer to the question is that I am fine there is plenty of hockey to watch.  Now I will say right now on the nights I have class I miss west coast games the most.  To me the best way to unwind the day is at least a period of hockey watching.  If I am not home til 10 that is a little bit difficult these days.
Things that I find hopefully for hockey fans these days is the KHL on ESPN.  I watch a game today.  It was so nice to see hockey on my TV.  Plus not just the Ovechkin and Malkin on the ice but former Flyer Dennis Tolpeko.  The KHL is kind of a who's who of  lost hockey players to me in the little bit I have watched. 
The AHL season also officially started.  The Abbotsford Heat took their weekend series and the Adirondack Phantoms split their weekend.  Tj Brodie and Danny Syvret back in action, not much more pleasant a time then that.  I was excited to hear AHL games on my Xm radio.  Just wasn't all the games I wanted to hear.  Progress is progress though and I won't knock a bit of it. 
I do fine irony in the Flyers now providing more coverage to the Phantoms while the Flames have been pretty consistent on coverage. 
I guess just different strategies. 
Well take care for now and good hockey.