Monday, May 9, 2011

now that I have had time to digest it...

    I have had a month to deal with the Flames not making the playoffs after their great stretch run.  I have had only a couple of days to deal with the Flyers elimination from the post season. 
Neither of the above scenarios left a good taste in my mouth Flames deserved a better fate.  They had the heart, grit and momentum going for them.  I would have loved to seen them tare it up as an 8th seed. 
    The Flyers stumbled their way into the playoffs and failed to perform in the 2nd round.  Considering how Jekyl & Hyde they were down the stretch I am not at all surprised they had an early exit.  I do not think anyone who has watched the Flyers since February should be surprised at the Flyers early exit.
    It has been interesting reading all the post assigning blame.  Pronger said it best in his CSN interview "you win as a team and you loose as a team".  Winning and loosing are both infectious at times.
    For me I know when I lose I question myself completely.  I question and analyze my entire performance.  I am my worst critic.  That doesn't build my confidence.  At times that is what takes it down.  Just going off of what I do I can't imagine how those players feel.  They can't play another game til September or a game that counts til October,  That is a long time to chew on your last performance.  No one is going to put any greater blame on each of them then themselves. 

For all the couch critics out there think about if you were in the players shoes a bit.

ok other things now....
I did not accomplish near enough shenanigans as I would have liked to have accomplished this hockey season.  For next season I hope to have a little more fun and make things a bit more shenanigans for those following along.  Suggestions are always welcome. 

There will be summer updates.  You can count on that.  Check in after the Stanley cup is awarded for summer twitter points.  Can Danny Syvret maintain his grip on the top spot guess we will find out?