Sunday, September 28, 2014

Are you ready for some hockey?

I will admit I don't have the same copious amounts of time that I used to for devoting to my love of hockey.  When I can I do and that is just how it is right now.
The draft was a cool experience.  It was great to see fans from all around the league and it was ok to wear other jerseys.  There was not much to photograph in a way so I left it to be as is an event sans photos.  Plus that is one more thing in my list of events down.
I am ready for hockey to start and to watch it everyday if I want to watch.

Also I am making a plea for someone to please sign Danny Syvret.  AHL camps open this week.  I hope some team somewhere gives him a chance.  My roadtrip planning depends on him being signed somewhere driveable please.

Ok talk to you all soon and hopefully more regularly.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I am a slacker and I admit it

I truly have failed at keeping this blog up to date.  I still stand by my last post.  I hope in the new Hextall era of the Flyers that we see great improvement.  Also for my Flames I think Brian Burke took his time to find the right guy to be the GM.  Having to move the AHL team again choosing a more central spot like Glens Falls is a win too.

I am going to the NHL draft next weekend in Philadelphia.  It should be a great experience to see many new players join NHL teams.  I hope there is excitement other than just drafting players.  I think the trading market has been a bite quiet it should heat up in the next week.

Here are some links for pictures if you missed them on my Flickr.

10/29/13 Ducks at Flyers

11/1/13 Capitals at Flyers

12/23/13 Wild at Flyers

1/28/14 Red Wings at Flyers

2/1/14 Bears at Phantoms

2/8/14 Flames at Flyers

2/22/14 Sound Tigers at Phantoms

3/24/14 Kings at Flyers

3/28/14 Springfield Falcons at Hartford Wolfpack

3/29/14 Bridgeport Sound Tigers at Hartford Wolfpack

3/30/14 Hartford Wolfpack at Bridgeport Sound Tigers

4/13/14 Carolina Hurricanes at Philadelphia Flyers

Ok that makes us all caught up right now.  Look for post draft post and pictures.