Sunday, July 14, 2013

What a slacker I am....

I think that the reason I have slacked on this blog is mostly that I know this gig is not my path.  Once I came to that conclusion it makes it hard to post here.  Do not get me wrong I love hockey.  I love sharing my passion of hockey with others.  Yet we all can't be hockey blogs, media, and commentators.  There are other roles in life out there that need to be fulfilled. 
What I am is a hockey fan.  I am not the wildest or most dedicated I fall somewhere in between all of that. 
Would I love give back more to my hockey community through coaching or some other contribution absolutely!
Right now it is just not happening. 

With all that said I am going to shut this down and start over with someplace that is more me and not solely hockey related. 
Thank you everyone for reading and I hope to see you continue to follow my exploits and pictures. 

Have a great day!