Friday, October 15, 2010

Flyers Home Opener 10/11/10

First I will apologize for not writing this post up sooner.  It was kinda a long week. 

Videos everyone wants the video
These were too long for Flickr so we are back to using youtube

 First Video

Second video

 Third Video

One of the best things that you will hear in these videos is the reactions of the fans around me.  At times it does make it hard to hear the content of the video but I think you will get a true feel of what it was like to be at the game watching these videos.

Oh yes there are pictures too

I did find it interesting that the Flyers took a nap for a portion of this game.  I had thought they were past that bad habit.  I guess not. 

 I am going tomorrow night to Flyers vs Pens.  I hope to do some different things then follow my updates on Twitter. 

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