Sunday, January 2, 2011

Twitter points update & Hertiage Classic > Winter Classic

 Twitter Points update:

I am giving Stefan Legein 20 points for giving his heart out on Twitter about the World Juniors.  I think it was commendable the point he was making

Danny Syvret (@dannysyvret) 68
Andrew Rowe (@RoweAndrew) 60
Mike Testwuide (@MikeTestwuide) 40
Stefan Legein (@Stefanlegein) 23
Matt Moulson (@mmoulson) 20
Mike Cammalleri (@mcammalleri13) 20
Rob Schremp (@Robschremp) 4
My games for January changed a bit so does the future possible points.
Future possible points Danny Syvret 60, Stefan Legein 60, Mike Testwuide 60, Andrew Rowe 60, & Mike Cammalleri 20.
Heritage Classic thoughts

Maybe it is the Flames fan in me but I was not at all excited about this years Winter Classic knowing that the Flames will be playing the Canadians outside in February.  I thought that the HBO series helped fuel this years Winter Classic anticipation but not enjoying either of the teams playing makes it hard to keep my attention.  For me the Heritage classic has two of my favorite things the Calgary Flames and Mike Cammalleri.  Truly unless Cammalleri went back to being a Flame and the Flames played the Flyers, I couldn't be much happier. 

I have noticed that most of the talk has moved forward to who will be in next years Winter Classic but there is still one more NHL outdoor game this year.  I think that we need to make sure that is as much of a success as the Winter Classic. 

I urge you all to tell your friends and your neighbors to watch this year's Heritage classic.  It will take place on Sunday February 20th it will be televised on Versus.  

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