Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11/22/10 Habs @ Flyers and Twitter points update

First the good news I successfully saw Mike Cammalleri play in the Center.  The first time since he has been a Hab.  20 points to him for that. 

Second the bad news Stefan Legein is injured, will not play on Saturday.  I won't subtract his points til he doesn't play but I think you can see its coming. 

Danny Syvret (@dannysyvret) 23
Matt Moulson (@mmoulson) 20
Stefan Legein (@Stefanlegein) 20
Mike Cammalleri (@mcammalleri13) 20
Rob Schremp (@Robschremp) 4

Expected points changes Danny Syvret +20, Stefan Legein -20, and Mike Cammalleri +20

Habs @ Flyers

This game to me was about two things.  Getting to watch Mike Cammalleri in person and testing out my new camera.  Both were successful.  The new camera is going to take getting used to especially the zoom at its highest setting. 

So that you can compare here is a picture I took of the snow wagon with the camera I had been using

Here is a picture I took of the same wagon last night
You can see how much closer I am able to get with the new camera. 

Here is the full set of pictures.  Warmups are all pretty much Habs folks. 
Back to the game itself  Mike was not the factor he usually is in these games.  I felt the Habs started strong and ended poor and the Flyers started poor, got lucky and pulled it off.  I was surprised at how disciplined the Flyers were in this game despite their lackluster start. 

Have to see how the next game goes.  I think almost everyone knows how displeased I am with the NHL schedule makers for putting Calgary vs the Flyers on this Friday.  Black Friday the one day each year I can not attend a Flyers game.  I work til after the game starts.  I am sure many more of you out there are working a longer day then I am that day but I can never see the annual Black Friday matinee.  Ah well that is what DVR's are for right?

Next update will be this weekend after the Phantoms visit the Bears.  Should be interesting to see a rebuilt team + the new/old coach. 

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