Tuesday, November 2, 2010

11/1/10 Canes at Flyers

First a Twitter points update.

 My roommate said I was harsh to Rob Schremp so she pleaded his case to get back his point and to get a point for even responding to my original tweet.  The updated point are

 Danny Syvret @DannySyvret  23
 Matt Moulson @MMoulson 20
 Rob Schremp @RobSchremp 4
 Mike Cammalleri @Mcammalleri13 0

 Question I got is why list Cammalleri if he doesn't have any points? I have tickets to see him play.  That is the next game I have for the Flyers is Canadiens at Flyers.  Hopefully I see Mike play.

Ok so last night's game.  I went with my cousin and barely made warmups.  I was very excited to get to see two NHL debuts for players.  First former Phantom Jon Matsumoto and second Current Flyer Eric Wellwood.  Great opportunities for both of these players.

 Jon Matsumoto

Eric Wellwood

I thought they both played well for the minutes they were given.

 I also got to see one of my more favorite Canes


I did get a picture of Hartnell's goal


Full set is here

 I give a hand to the upper rows of I believe section 208.  They were very much into trying to start a Bob chant.  So many folks are excited that there are shirts for Bob.   I think it is wonderful he is getting his chance and running with it.

 I did feel it was the Flyers luck to let the Canes back into this game with a minute left.  I am not quite sure why the Flyers finish up games before the clock often does.

 I will try to have some shenanigans before my next game.  There may be an AHL road trip in the near future.

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