Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hockey Season is back

I should be writting so much more right now that hockey season is back.
With the return of hockey season there has been a flood of new players on twitter.  Because I definitely am not able to keep up with all of the players and their tweets I am discontinuing twitter points.  It may return now and then but overall I will not be keeping it as regular as I had been last season. 

 This season has been tough for me so far.  I physically can not stand to watch the Flyers because of Jagr.  I know its the crest on the front not the name on the back I am truly struggling with this and hope that he does not stay. 

I have lots of great road trips in the works.  I recently bought tickets to see the Flames for a portion of their east coast swing. 
I have to work in an AHL trip to see Danny Syvret and I have some obstacles at the moment. 

I have been to 2 Flyers games so far.  Here are the links for the pictures.  There are not many Flyers pictures as like I said I truly physically can not stand to watch with Jagr. 

 Kings at Flyers
Hurricanes at Flyers

I did get my Winter Classic, Alumni and Phantoms outdoor game tickets.  I am very excited for these games.  I promise to blog and take as many pictures as possible for these games. 

Ok that is all for tonight I promise to write more frequently in coming weeks.  Take care and good hockey!

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