Sunday, June 26, 2011

trades & off season twitter points

First lets do some twitter points. 

Stanley Cup being awarded means now it is really the off season and Summer Twitter Points can begin.
I have opened this up to any OHL, CHL, WHL, AHL, or NHL player on twitter.
Folks I recommend you follow
Ned Lukacevic @nedluka
Michael Grabner @grabs40
Marty Biron @martybiron43
Bobby Ryan @b_ryan9
Joffrey Lupul @jlupul
Matt Carle @MattCarle25

Sadly Stefan Legein no longer has a twitter.  I will miss his tweets

Ok points
@nedluka 20 points (Psycho Airport wife was very entertaining yesterday)
@martybiron43 10 points for his reaction to the Flyers trades
@mattcarle25 5 points for chirping about the Pens draft choice

I know I don't see everything that gets posted so if you see a player tweet some thing memorable please please share with me for points consideration.

Flyers and Calgary trade the players whose jerseys I have....
Maybe I am to blame my curse still holds.  Players I get jerseys for get hurt & traded/don't resign. 
I definitely understand and don't understand all at the same time the flyers decision to trade Mike Richards and Jeff Carter.  From the legal department point of view a huge sigh of relief these guys are gone.  Their off ice reputations proceed them.  From an educated fan view these guys were the core of our team.  They are in their prime and put up points.  I think they needed something to kick them into gear again that they had plateaued.  We won't get to know what it would have been like to have Richards with out Carter.

Flames have done a similar thing to the Flyers.  They got rid of a leadership person who was once rumored to have led their own faction in the locker room.  Regher seemed fine once Neon Dion was gone.  Back to his steady veteran presence controlled self.  The Flames were back on track but only in the 2nd half of the season.  Maybe the locker room did need more of a shake up. 

It will be interesting to see how both of the teams do after all these changes.  I do not think either team is done tweaking their rosters. 

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